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Nutriol and Galvanic Spa - cabello lujoso
Nutriol - hair care sustem волосы вам скажут спасибо
After using ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System with Galvanic Spa for six months subjects experienced  these clinikal results.*

Clinical Evaliation

A clinical grader reported the following benefits in subjects’ hair:
107% increase in volume
106% increase in sofnness
84% increase in shine
67% increase in thicknes
Lux hair - роскошные волосы
esence scalp and hair, эсенция для волос (cabello)


More than 90% of subjects felt their hair improved in volume, thickness, softness, shine, and healthy appearance.

Brush Friction Hair Count

After six months, there was a 72% reduction in broken hairs. This illustrates the strengthening of hair throughout the study.
Nutriol Conditioner
Nutriol conditioner - кондиционер для волос (cabello)
Nutriol best Hair shampoo .Шампунь для волос
Nutriol shampoo - шампунь с нутриолом, cabello

ageLOC Nutriol System -

Instant benefits for your locks
and lasting results down to your roots
*Nu Skin Research and Development commissioned a third-party testing house to clinikally evaluate the use ageLOC Nutriol Sustem and Galvanic Spa. The six-month study included males and females with self described thin and/or damaged hair.
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Nutriol Hair & Galvanic. Волосы и Гальваник

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Nutriol Hair

ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System

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